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Counseling Services at Flying Solo

Counseling at Flying Solo is seen as a short-term endeavor; "lifetime" counseling is not a goal, though clients seen in the past may complete a number of sessions, and then come back later, when and as other issues arise. For Cheryl Klein, M. Div., Licensed Counselor at Flying Solo, there is no "agenda" clients must follow; in fact, each client is encouraged to bring the issues, challenges, problems most important to each session. At each visit, we will explore the origin of concerns as well as what has been tried for resolutions so far, and come up with a plan healing what's broken and letting go of "emotional baggage." Cheryl Klein follows the lead of her clients, in determining what emotional, psychological and/or spiritual work will be the focus, offering a listening ear, compassion and guidance.

For individuals and/or couples, issues may be anxiety, abuse (in the past or in the present), bullying behavior (either perpetrator or victim), relationship difficulties, parenting or dealing with one's own parents, work-related conflicts, loss (of people, places or possessions), phobias or fears, depression, betrayal, divorce, self-esteem, trauma and others. Use of medication (if any) is solely the decision of each individual, in consultation with each client's physician with no medication being recommended or available at this office. The minimum age for receiving individual services in this office is 18. With the permission, support and participation of parents and parent partners, children in grades 1-6 may be seen in joint sessions.

Counseling services are provided in the Windham office which offers parking directly outside the office door as well as wheelchair accessibility for office and restroom.  For office hours and fees, please see the FEES & OFFICE HOURS page.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact Cheryl Klein at (207) 892-7656 (phone or text) or by email to