Personal Enrichment Programs using online communication and resources, for adults interested in learning more about these topics:

Course #101: Feeding the Hungry Heart

Our resource for this course will be Geneen Roth's book, Feeding the Hungry Heart (available on Amazon), which will help us to study the challenge of compulsive eating. Adults (age 21+) are invited to participate in this course if they feel they may be challenged by emotional and/or compulsive eating which is "out of control." Purchase of the book is not required, but recommended.

Course #102: Successfully Parenting a Difficult Child

It's often very hard to admit that one (or more) of our children are "difficult" but once we are able to do that, we can begin to understand the shape, form and function of a child's difficulty as well as considering and utilizing strategies for successful managing. This program will focus on children up to the age of 16. Our goal is happier kids and confident parents! One of the sources we will be using is Kevin Leman's book, The New Birth Order Theory.

Course #103: How to Find Your Soulmate

For many of us who are single, it can be quite a challenge (sometimes an exhausting challenge) to participate in the dating "game." In this course, we will focus on who YOU are and the type of partner YOU are seeking, not simply what (or who) is available. We'll utilize strategies to better understand how to work "outside the box" of social media, etc., with a goal of a happier, more peaceful you!

Course #104: How to Make "the right" Decision
Course #105: Rebuilding Your Life (when your relationship ends)
Course #106: Finding Faith

About these personal enrichment courses:
- Each course has five (5) units of study, with each unit consisting of material to read, responses to write, and a written reply from Cheryl Klein within 7 days of receiving student response.
- The cost of each unit is $40; advance purchase of all five units at the beginning of the course permits a discount of $40, so the total advance purchase is $160
- Payment made by credit card or PayPal, once registration is received and approved. No insurance is required or accepted for these courses.
- Time frame of 3-months is given to complete each course. An additional fee will be due for extending the time frame beyond that date.
- Courses do not constitute, and are not a substitute for, professional face-to-face counseling.

For more information, or to register one of the Personal Enrichment Programs,  or to schedule an individual counseling session (in addition to, or in lieu of, a personal enrichment course), please contact:
Cheryl Klein, M. Div., Licensed Pastoral Counselor
Phone/test (207) 892-SOLO (7656)