Relationships often create a variety of challenges. Sometimes, these challenges originated years (or even decades) earlier, while other times they are more recent. It is often difficult to create and maintain a healthy, functional relationship when the individuals involved may not be able to clearly hear what the other person is saying, needing (or even wanting) due to an individual's own needs. Does this sound like something happening in your own life or in that of someone you know?

The "good" news is that relationship issues may be resolved through strategies involving learning/practicing negotiation skills, understanding how to listen for the feelings behind another's words, and other communication strategies. 

Relationship counseling can be useful for individuals who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, etc., due to relationships at work, at home, at school or in other settings. With goals of decreasing anxiety, depression, etc., and increasing a sense of self-worth, self-confidence and assertiveness (when it appears low), healing a relationship often facilitates healing in each individual involved.

In a "perfect" world, both individuals would participate together in joint sessions. However, when that isn't possible (for whatever reason) counseling sessions for just one of the people involved, when may nonetheless help resolve difficulties.

Relationships are sometimes seen this way: two people who are "dancing" together (!). Over time, or even from the beginning of a relationship, we learn to "do this" and "avoid that" to keep the dance going. What we find in therapy is that learning new relationship strategies that change the "steps" of one individual often lead to the "dance" itself changing.

If relationship difficulties involve more than two people, these more complex relationships often are most easily resolved in sessions between two people at a time, rather than having the entire group meet at one time. In this way, each individual's needs may best be heard and met in a timely fashion.

At FLYING SOLO, Cheryl Klein offers a variety of techniques and strategies to build strength, communication, and honest interaction in the following relationships:
1) parents and children (age 5+ to 90)
2) couples, married or unmarried, regardless of how long they have been "together"
3) siblings (biological and others)
4) other friends and/or family members
Cheryl Klein looks forward to meeting with you with a goal of resolving whatever relationship difficulties or challenges you may be facing!

For more information, or to schedule an initial session,
please contact:
Cheryl Klein, M. Div.,
Licensed Pastoral Counselor
Phone/text (207) 892-SOLO (7656)