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Why choose a pastoral counselor?

As defined by the licensing board of the state of Maine, a pastoral counselor is someone who is educated in theology, psychology and the behavioral sciences and is trained to integrate these disciplines in the practice of counseling. That being said, if an individual does not present faith issues as a problem, no discussion of faith or belief needs to occur in counseling sessions. Cheryl Klein believes it is her role to speak to the agenda that each client brings to each session. She is an ordained Unitarian Universalist (, a denomination which encourages individuals to seek and follow their own spiritual paths, with questioning, and even doubt, seen as useful starting points.
At Cheryl Klein‘s office, she welcomes people of great faith, little faith, lost faith, and those with no specific faith from evangelical Christians, to Protestants of all denominations, Catholics, Buddhist, New Age (Tarot cards, etc.) and others.  All are invited and respected.

For more than 20 years, Cheryl Klein has offered this type of "holistic" counseling to individuals and couples from her office in WIndham. For those who are interested in seeking a community of faith that matches their belief systems, she is ready, willing and able to help them locate a faith community that feels like "home."

Cheryl Klein, M. Div., was first licensed as a pastoral counselor in 1992, one of the first to obtain this license in the State of Maine. She taught courses in ministry, spirituality, comparative religion and others at Saint Joseph's College 1992-2007, and continues to teach courses in ethics, sociology and world religions at York County Community College since beginning as an educator there in 1997. She finds great joy in her work as both a counselor and an educator.
Choosing a pastoral counselor offers a unique, approach to counseling, seeking to help an individual integrate all of their experiences---emotional, physical, spiritual, social---that they may move toward wholeness.