Why come to counseling?

If you've never been to a counselor or therapist before, you might be wondering...."why would I want to tell a stranger about the issues that are troubling me?"

Adults may come to therapy for solo sessions or with a partner or other family member for a number of reasons:

1. They have tried to solve the difficult situation but proposed solutions haven't worked as they hoped. They're not sure what all the choices are, and wonder where to turn for help. They may also be weary of having the same worries, anxieties, despair and fear re-occur, over and over.

2. While family and friends try to be helpful, they often find it hard to be objective...they're on your side, of course, and encourage you to do what's they see it. Sometimes it's hard to know the right thing to do. Many of us find it uncomfortable to oppose their ideas, yet seek their support.

3. It is often helpful to have an extra set of eyes and ears (and heart!) to hear your concerns and help you find the answers that are right for YOU! Cheryl Klein, M. Div., Licensed Counselor, is caring, compassionate, open and accepting.

4. Counselors are trained to understand, acknowledge, educate and support those who may be facing troubles, conflicts, etc., with compassion and without judgement. Most counselors have, themselves, faced and overcome challenges similar to what clients present, so they are able to offer specialized training as well as real-life experience.

5. Parents often face criticism by family and friends when they share parenting issues. In our sessions, methods and strategies are designed to work with children toward resolution of challenges and concerns. We may also draw upon each parent's memories and experiences from his or her own childhood.

6. Relationship issues at home, at work or elsewhere. Please see our relationship counseling page for details.

There are many other ways in which counseling at Flying Solo may be helpful. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Cheryl Klein at (207) 892-7656 (phone or text) or by email to